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Directory Submission FAQs

Directory Submission FAQs

What is a directory?

Directory is like the address book of the internet. A directory has categories in which different websites are listed along with their titles and descriptions. People visit directories to search for websites. Search engines index the enlisted websites – leading to better search engine rankings.

What is manual directory submission?

It is the process of manually submitting websites to different directories such as Google and Yahoo etc.

How is manual submission different from automated submission?

Automated or bulk submissions rely on software and scripts, which submit to numerous directories without making any variation in the submission method, details etc. However; manual submissions are done by humans, who take account of each directory’s requirements before submission. Therefore, acceptance rate is much higher in case of manual submissions leading to quicker indexation by search engines.

Do you use automated software for some or all of directory submission?

We only submit manually to all of the directories in all the projects we get. Our team dedicatedly meets each directory’s requirements and submits manually with the right details of the client’s site. We follow up with what is necessary and respond personally to each email received from various directories. That is why we have a startling 99% acceptance rate.

How will manual directory submission help me?

Benefits of manual directory submission are so great that it makes it indispensible for most webmasters. Please read our Benefits and Features page for a complete understanding of the numerous benefits of manual directory submission.

To how many web directories can you submit?

We can submit to up to 4000 quality web directories- to each one manually- unlike many other directory submission service providers. Choose a package that suits your requirements from here.

What is your turnaround time?

Project will be completed as specified in the package.,/p>

What are the details I need to tell you when I place the order?

Please provide the following information at the time of placing the order:

Manual Directory Submission Package No

Your contact

Do I need to provide descriptions for my website/s? What about appropriate category selection?

That is optional. If you do, we will use it when submitting to directories. If you don’t, then our expert editors will write appropriate descriptions for each of your site along with title and then submit to the directories in the relevant category.

Do you use same description and title when submitting to different directories?

Depending on your package, we will use several different descriptions and titles in order to achieve better SEO results.

Which web directories do you submit to?

We have a list of SEO friendly web directories which can be sent to you on request.

How will I know that the project has been completed?

As soon as our team successfully completes your project, we will inform you via email. We will also send you a comprehensive report with the list of directories your site would have been submitted to along with other details.

What is the acceptable mode of payment?

We accept payments through PayPal. If located in UK, you can also online direct deposit in our HSBC bank. Contact us for further details.

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